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RTI Chapter 05

Rules, Regulations, Instruction, Manuals and Records Held by it or under its control or used by its employees for Discharging its functions.

The Commission of Railway Safety, working under the administrative control of the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Government of India, deals with matters pertaining to safety of rail travel and train operation and is charged with certain statutory functions as laid down in the Railways Act (1989), which are of an inspectorial, investigatory and advisory nature.Being the safety controlling authority, Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) and Zonal Railway Administrations frame rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records related to safety of train operation. These Manuals and other publications are used by the officers of the Commission during the course of its functional duties.However, Ministry of Civil Aviation has framed and notified the Statutory Investigation into Railway Accidents Rules, 1998 (copy enclosed) for holding inquiry into Railways Accidents by the Commissioner of Railway Safety.Some of the important Rules, manuals and other technical publications are listed below:

  • General Rules for all open lines of railways in India administered by the Government;
  • Railways (Opening for the public carriage of passengers) Rules, 2000;
  • Indian Railways Code for the Engineering department;
  • Indian Railways Manual for A.C.Traction;
  • Block working Manuals;
  • Accident manuals;
  • Indian Railways Bridge manual;
  • Operating manuals;
  • Indian Railways P. Way manual;
  • Indian Railway Works Manual;
  • Indian Railway Signal Engineering Manuals;
  • Indian Railways Schedules of Dimensions;
  • Conference Rules Part III & IV of the Indian Railway Conference Association;
  • Statutory Investigation into Rly Accidents Rules,1998 and Rly (Notices of and Inquiries into accidents) Rules,1998;
  • Maintenance Manual for Coaches;
  • Maintenance Manual for Wagons.

General administration of the Commission of Railway Safety is governed by the rules, regulations, instructions issued by the Government of India from time to time for Central Government offices.