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RTI Chapter 04

The Norms set by it for the discharge of its function

Normal Time period of various activities is outlined below. These are indicative only and vary from case to case depending on special features etc

1. Inspection of new lines, doubling, Gauge conversion etc. prior to introduction of passenger traffic:-

Inspection of line by CRS within one month of submission of documents by the Railways on mutually agreed date between CRS and the Railway Administration.

Authorization by CRS after the inspection D+7 days
Submission of the Final Inspection report to CCRS D+60 days
Submission of the case to Railway Board by CCRS D+90 days
2. Investigation into serious Railway accidents:-

A – 7nbDay of accidentA+10 – The CRS will forward a brief preliminary narrative report and the provisional finding to

(i) Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety

(ii) General Manager of the Railway concerned.

(iii) Secretary, Railway Board;A copy of the Preliminary report shall be sent to Press Information Bureau alongwith a Press Note for publication in the Newspapers etc.
A+60- The Commissioner of Railway Safety will submit his detailed report to the Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety and forward a copy of the report each to the Authorities mentioned in Rule 4 of the Statutory Investigation into Railway Accidents Rules, 1998. After receipt of Comments of Railway Administration CCRS note, containing his remarks on accident enquiry report as well as Railways comments is prepared and is sent to Railway Board generally within 30 days of receipt of Railways comments.

3. Proposals requiring Railway Boards Sanction: –
Submission of the case by CRS to CCRS after receipt from Railway Administration. 30 days
Disposal of case in CCRS office 30 days
4. Proposals requiring Sanction at CRS level:

Disposal of the case is normally done in 30 days