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Sr. No. Date of Accident Description of Accident
1 06.04.19 Collision of EMU Train No. 37057 UP with OHE Tower car ER 861 (4 wheeler) at Shrirampur station in Howrah-Bandel section of Howrah Division, Eastern Railway on 06.04.19.
2 20.04.19 Derailment of 12303 UP Poorva Exp. at Rooma station of Allahabad Division of North Central Railway at km 1004/13 on 20.04.2019
3 25.06.19 Head on collision of Train No. 18005 (Howrah- Jagdalpur Samaleshwari Exp.) with 8-W OHE Tower Wagon No. ECoR 190001 between Singapur Road A Cabin-Keutguda stations of Waltair Division of East Coast Railway on 25.06.19
4 13.07.19 Unusual Occurence at Metro Railway, Kolkata by train no. DK-184 with passenger clinged on outside door resulting in death by falling inside the tunnel between Park street and Maidan station on 13.07.19
5 22.09.19 The accident in Hyderabad Metro Rail Project at Ameerpet station ARM-B of Corridor-III in which person died due to falling of concrete piece on her head at street level on 22.09.19
6 01.10.19 Dashing of train no. 22181 DN (Jabalpur-Hazrat Nizamuddin Exp) with empty truck no. AP 07 TH 7569 between Birlanagar – Rayaru station of Jhansi – Dholpur section of Jhansi Division of North Central Railway on 01.10.2019
7 11.11.19 Collision of MMTS train no. 47178 with train no. 17028 at Kacheguda station of Secunderabad-Dhone Section of Hyderabad division of South Central Railway on 11.11.2019.
8 16.01.20 Level Crossing Accident at gate no.2 between Nayanagr-Hasabnpur Road stations of train No. 63348 in Samastipur Divisionof East Central Railway on 16.01.2020
9 16.01.20 Rear Collision of Train No.12879 Exp., (LTT-0BBS Exp.) with the brake van of Goods Train no, E/NTECL-28 between SQQ & BRG station on 16.01.2020
10 19.01.20 Dashing of Road Vehicle with Engine of Good train at UMLC Gate LC No.11 from MDPR to NELM private sliding of Rajkot Division of Western Railway on 19.01.2020