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Sr. No. Date of Accident Description of Accident
1 09.05.15 Unusual accident of injury among passengers in Train No. 16723 Down Chennai Egmore-Thiruvananthapuram Ananthapuri Express at km. 533/000-100 between Kalligudi and Virudunagar stations in Madurai Jn.-Virudunagar Jn BG electrified single line section of Madurai Division of Southern Railway
2 25.05.15 Derailment of 18101 UP Muri Express between Sirathu and Athasarai stations in Allahabad-Kanpur Section of Allahabad Division of North Central Railway
3 30.06.15 Fire in lavatory of coach no. SR WGSCN 95289 of Train No. 22637 Chennai Central-Mangalore Central Down West Coast Express at Platform no. 1 of Katpadi jn. station on Arakkonam-Katpadi Jn. BG electrified double line section of Chennai Division of Southern Railway
4 14.07.15 Hitting with ladder of signal no. S-38 of 31621 Up Sealdah-Ranaghat EMU Local train at Titagarh Station at Km. 20/19-22
5 04.08.15 Derailment of train no. 11071 Kamayani Exprss & train no. 13201 Janatha Express at Km. 647/26-648/12 on DN line & at Km. 647/25-648/11 on UP line between Khirkiya and Bhiringi stations of Itarsi-Khandwa BG electrified double line section of Bhopal Division
6 23.08.15 Dashing of 05306 UP Kanpur Anwarganj-Farrukhabad Express train with Tata Magic No. UP 32 CN 8205 at Jasoda Yard in Kanpur-Farrukhabad section of Izzatnagar Division
7 24.08.15 Dashing of Road lorry with train no. 16594 Down Bangalore City-Hazur Sahib Nanded Express (resulting in Derailment) at Special Class Interlocked manned level crossing no. 77 at Km. 132/200-300 between Rangepalli and Penukonda Jn. Stations in Bangalore-Dharmavaram BG single line non-electrified section of Bangalore Division of South Western Railway
8 04.09.15 Derailment of train no. 16859 Down Chennai Egmore-Mangalore Central Express at km. 211/100-600 between Puvanpur and Vridhachalam Jn. stations in Villupuram Jn.-Tiruchchirappalli Jn. BG electrified single line (Chord line) section of Tiruchchirappalli Division
9 12.09.15 Derailment of Up Charter Special Train between Kalka and Taksal Railway Stations at km 3/14-16 on Kalka-Shimla Narrow Gauge Section of Amabala Division
10 12.09.15 Derailment of 12220 UP SC-LTT Duranto Express at Km 584/7-2 at Martur station on Wadi-Solapur non-electrified double line section of Solapur Division
11 15.09.15 Derailment of Train No.90402 Up EMU Local Train (AC EMU 12-Car Rake No. 4001-4002) at Km. 20.883 to Km. 20.567 between Andheri and Vile-Parle stations on Up through line on Virar-Bandra Multiple lines BG electrified section of Mumbai Central Division of Western Railway
12 08.12.15 Collision of 64055 Palwal-Ghaziabad EMU train at the rear end of 12171 Lokmanya Tilik Terminus-Haridwar Express train at Km 1486/16-18 between Palwan and Asaoti stations of Palwal-Nizamuddin section, Broad Guage, Multiple Line, electrified section of Delhi Division of Northern Railway
13 21.12.15 Derailment of 11006 Puducheri-Dadar Express at Km. 472/100-200 between Hubballi and Unkal Stations on ‘D Special’ route of Hubballi-Londa Single Non electrified BG Main Line section of Hubballi Division
14 14.02.16 Dashing of Truck No. MP-09-HF-2754 loaded with LPG Cylinders with Train No. 19575 Down Okha-Nathdwara Express at 00.50 on 14.02.2016 at Unmanned Level Crossing No. 167 at Km. 321/13-14 between Dhodhar and Kachnara Road Railway stations of Ratlam-Nimach BG single line non-electrified section of Ratlam Division of Western Railway